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Individual Counselling

Our counsellors offer a tailored therapeutic approach when offering counselling for the following issues:

- Anger Management

- Depression

- Trauma Therapy

We can also offer psychological support on an individual basis for:

- Dealing with Stress
- Addictions Counselling: Drugs & Alcohol abuse / Gambling.
- Agoraphobia
- Bereavement & Grief Counselling
- Conflict
- Domestic Violence
- Emotional & Physical Abuse
- Relationship Break ups
- Anxiety

We seek to tailor our therapeutic approach to the particular concerns of each individual.

First, we will try to match your needs and preferences with the most suitable therapist/counsellor. For example, one of our therapists specialises in working with children. Second, from the variety of therapeutic methods available to us, we will aim to offer those that best match to your needs.

One of our core values is to respect difference, including the right of people to hold different views. We take pride in being able to work effectively with people from a wide variety of social, ethnic, gender and other backgrounds.

We aim to see clients within one week of them contacting us.


Our approach to therapy


Following a car accident, I suffered terribly with a fight or flight response when driving. I did not know what this anxiety was and tried for months to recover on my own. After a particularly severe anxiety attack, I realised that I needed to get help. EMDR therapy was incredibly effective. My anxiety was linked specifically to the accident and in one session the anxiety was dispersed.  I literally walked out of Swift Counselling, got in my car and drove with no anxiety from that moment on.  I am thrilled with the results, thank you.