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Childhood abuse

Steve remembers himself as having been very innocent and unaware of what was happening as the older boy performed a sexual attack on him. He couldn’t believe what was happening and afterwards ran from the house in a very distressed state. Until recently, he had never dared tell anyone about what had happened to him.

When Steve came to the first session, the images of the assault were still very vivid even though it was nearly 30 years later. The traumatic incident had exerted a huge influence on his life. He had always wondered why the older boy had chosen him, and worried that it was his fault and that somehow he had caused it to happen. He agonised over his inability to understand what was happening to him that day almost thirty years ago and why he had been unable to resist. He also worried that perhaps he would abuse children himself, although he knew that this had never happened and that he had no desire to do so.

When work started with Steve, the memory of the sexual abuse incident was so tormenting that he was unable to work, he slept badly, was very depressed, withdrawn and could not relate well to his family and others. After 3 sessions of EMDR he felt a freedom he had not experienced since the sexual attack 28 years earlier. His wife and family saw a huge difference in him and he was able to return to work.

Six months after the EMDR sessions, Steve was followed up to see how he was doing. He confirmed that the changes were still in place.