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Car accident

Alan is in his mid forties. He was nearly killed when a lorry came too fast around a bend on a narrow road and forced his car into a hedge. The lorry’s bumper smashed into the windscreen directly in front of the driver’s seat. In a split-second reaction, Alan threw himself across into the passenger seat and avoided being crushed.

Initially Alan thought he was fine. However, since then he has had frequent flashbacks of the accident. He has been unable to concentrate and his employer has put him on part time work as they say he is not working as effectively as he used to. He has felt a sense of heaviness and as if he is under a black cloud.

After one session of EMDR, Alan’s demeanour changed. At the follow-up session he was happy and smiling. He said, “At first, after the session, I was very tired. But then, I was amazed as things lightened up. Now, when I think of the accident, it doesn’t get me going like it used to. It’s amazing, (laughing), phenomenal! I’m doing a few more hours work. I feel much chirpier about it and I’m looking forward to working more. I want to do things at home. It’s lifted a weight – pressure that was overbearing for a very long time. I’m conscious of it not being there. My wife has noticed my different demeanour. I’m thinking that I might be able to go back to my old job now.”