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John was bullied from age 8 to 18. He couldn't remember much about it though he knew it happened most days at school. He said, 'It taught me to feel the victim. I never really stood up for myself, and even now I feel negative about confrontation as well as find difficulty in expressing myself.' At home John was punished more than he deserved (according to his mother) by an overbearing father and he felt he was not allowed to defend himself when unfairly accused of wrongdoing. He grew up with a strong sense of injustice and tends to favour the underdog. His symptoms when first seen were: anxiety and depression, poor motivation, poor sleep, feeling constantly under strain with the feeling that everything was getting on top of him, and a general feeling of dissatisfaction with life.

We had six sessions over a two month period using EMDR to address the various traumatic experiences of bullying at school and his sense of being unfairly treated at home. We also did a few sessions with other members of the family – John's wife and two teenage children whom John believed had suffered from his own behaviour as a husband and father.

Ten months after finishing treatment John wrote saying the following: 'I am a different person to the one who visited you last year. I am calmer, deal with pressure so much better, and do not suffer nearly as much from anxiety as I did. My confidence levels are getting better and that core of feeling 'worthless' is disappearing. My wife has described my transformation this morning as being 'awesome'. My children have noticed a difference and things are beginning to feel on the up for us all. I still struggle expressing myself, but hopefully that will come. The truth is, I mentioned to you when you started treating me, that there was a person inside me trying to escape. He is out now. Everyone is benefitting from that. Thank you both for what you have done for us all.