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What we Charge

Private clients funding their own counselling/therapy

The fee for an hour long session with one therapist is calculated according to the gross combined income of the family members, as shown below.

If two therapists are required for the work (as is sometimes recommended for couple or families seeking appointments), the fee will be twice the single therapist fee less approximately 20%.

We recognise that financial considerations will weigh heavily on some potential clients. If you have specific difficulties in meeting the fee based on the income scale, please raise this with us when first making contact.

Payment is made at the end of each session.

Clients who cancel appointments with less than 24 hours notice will normally be liable for the full fee.

Family IncomeSession FeeTwo Therapists
Up to £20,000£40£65

Individual clients supported through Medical Insurance or Rehabilitation services

Initial assessment £150. Counselling/therapy sessions £90 per session.

Supervision for therapists

Face to face, Skype, Vsee or telephone supervision is available. Standard fee is £60 per hour. Payment, cancellation terms and conditions above.